one eggwhite
1½ cups (10 oz.; 280g) sugar
½ cup (100ml) water
juice of ½ lemon, or ¼ tsp citric acid
flavorings—vanilla, coffee, chocolate, cardamom,…
1½ cups (12 oz.; 340g) tahini — beaten to mix in any separated oil
optional 1½ cups nuts —try pistachios

Istruzioni per cucinare

Boil the sugar and water with flavorings to a “hard ball ” syrup (260 °F; 125 °C). Beat the eggwhite until it forms soft peaks; gradually add the hot sugar syrup, beating all the while—do this in a light metal bowl, so that you don’t cool the syrup too much.

Add toasted nuts, if desired — they should be warm from the oven. Warm the tahini (I use the microwave) to about 50 °C; 120 °F, and fold the warm tahini into the hot sugar foam. Keep folding gently until the mixture gets too stiff to work.
Pack into suitable containers, cover to exclude moisture, and let the halva rest in a cool place overnight at least.

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